Hand Towel Dispensers : Floor Stand

Hand towel dispensers are an important part of the commercial bathroom experience.

More and more people are concerned about personal hygiene and need to feel confident that public spaces are providing adequate hygiene products in public or shared bathrooms.

One way to ensure hygiene is maintained in public spaces is to provide the best possible hand care products in bathrooms.

There are so many hand towel products on the market; you literally just need to decide what dispenser will fit into your space.

These top 5 things to consider when purchasing your hand towel dispensers will help you to ensure you’re giving the user the best possible hygiene experience.

Is your bathroom in a high traffic area?

If yes, then you might to consider installing larger recessed or wall mounted combination hand towel dispenser and waste bin unit. Standard recessed dispensers won’t take up much room and can be combined with a bin, so the user can dry their hands and throw the rubbish away quickly and cleanly. A wall mounted dispenser is the most popular of the hand towel dispenser range and it’s obvious why. It’s easy to install with minimal fuss and allows the user to simply walk up and pull the paper out quickly. It’s simple to refill and can be mounted on any surface with the right equipment. Wall mounted hand dispensers are available in a range of plastic, stainless steel, aluminium options varying in size to suit your space.

Maintenance and cleaning

Dependant on your cleaning and maintaining schedule will depend on the appropriate dispenser. If the bathroom is cleaned regularly throughout opening hours, then a small dispenser is fine to use and can often come in plastic or stainless steel. If the bathroom isn’t regularly maintained during opening hours like park or beach bathrooms, then a centrefeed hand towel dispenser could be an option. It dispensers one sheet at a time and doesn’t require a regular refill. Stainless steel 3-in-1 combination units may also be an option to deter vandalism and theft in those unmanned bathrooms, further reducing the maintenance and attention needed to keep the bathrooms clean and useable.

Paper type

Sounds strange but not all dispensers use the same size paper towel, there are different brands, sizes and types. If you want to use eco-friendly/recyclable paper towel, then you will need to consider the dispenser that complements it. There are enough size options available to ensure you can still keep to your style and space needs.

Bathroom space

If you’re designing for an office, you will need to consider the staff because they will be using it regularly and will need to be aware of the space in the bathroom. Larger washrooms may need multiple dispensers or vice versa. Make sure you think of the patrons in your design stage.


You don’t have to compromise design for practicality. You can have both! There are so many options available; you will be able to match the perfect hand towel dispenser to your bathroom design or needs. Chat to one of our friendly team members, who will be able to help you find the right hand towel dispenser.

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All hand towel dispenser orders over $150 will receive free delivery Australia-wide.

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