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Surface Mounted Grab Rail made from 304 Stainless Steel

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* * All measurements are centre to centre * *

Features of the Bradley 832 Straight Grab Rail:

* All parts are made from 304 Stainless Steel, this grab rail has a 32mm diameter and architectural satin finish.
* Flanges are 13 gauge, escutcheons are 22 gauge, tubing is 18 gauge.
* This Bradley model featues escutcheons concealing the fixings for patron safety and keeping up aesthetics.
* The tubing is a seamless construction, the bent ends of the tubing pass through the flnages and are heliarc welded into a single structural unit for maximum strength
* When installing the rail, secure to wall where adequate in-wall backing exists. A handy trick is to use the bar as a template to locate mounting holes.Drill holes and set anchors as appropriate. Mount grab rail and secure mounting screws. Snap escutcheons into place.

* When properly mounted, all Bradley heavy duty grab rail systems meet or exceed the requirements of Australian Standard AS1428.1(2,3), of ANSI Standard A117.1, the ADA and ABA Accessibility Guidelines for Buildings and Facilities (ADAAG) and the Uniform Federal Accessibility Standard (UFAS)


Code Size Dimensions Weight Colours
832-001-12 300mm 0.50 (kgs) Satin stainless steel
832-001-16 400mm 0.00 (kgs) Satin stainless steel[1]
832-001-18 450mm 0.00 (kgs) Satin stainless steel
832-001-20 500mm 0.00 (kgs) Satin stainless steel
832-001-24 600mm 0.00 (kgs) Satin Stainless Steel
832-001-30 750mm 1.10 (kgs) Satin stainless steel
832-001-32 800mm 0.00 (kgs) Satin stainless steel[2]
832-001-36 900mm 0.00 (kgs) Satin stainless steel
832-001-48 1200mm 0.00 (kgs) Satin stainless steel[3]
832-001-40 1000mm 0.00 (kgs) Satin stainless steel
832-001-28 700mm 0.00 (kgs) Satin Stainless Steel
832-001-60 1500mm 0.00 (kgs) Satin stainless steel
  • [1] Available from 10th December 2019
  • [2] Available from 15th November 2019
  • [3] Available from 25th October 2019

Product Size, Colour and Price Options

Size Available Colours Our Price $
300mm Satin stainless steel
400mm Satin stainless steel[1]
450mm Satin stainless steel
500mm Satin stainless steel
600mm Satin Stainless Steel
750mm Satin stainless steel
800mm Satin stainless steel[2]
900mm Satin stainless steel
1200mm Satin stainless steel[3]
1000mm Satin stainless steel
700mm Satin Stainless Steel
1500mm Satin stainless steel
  • [1] Available from 10th December 2019
  • [2] Available from 15th November 2019
  • [3] Available from 25th October 2019


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